Plant Instructions

Plant Care General Information:

Most shipped "Aquatic Plants" have been out of water for approximately 48 hours. Although they have been kept moist/damp in shipping it is IMPERATIVE that they be returned to water AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The use of planting containers rather than planting directly on the bottom of the pond is highly recommended. This allows for ease of retrieval of plant for maintenance. When planting, leave approximately 1-2" between soil line and rim of container. Use a layer of washed gravel or sand in this area to: Enhance appearance, keep soil inside the container and prevent fish from disturbing soil and fouling pond water. Most plants need at least 5-6 hours or more of sunlight per day for maximum growth. All plants should be fertilized at regular intervals during the growing season, Pondtabbs, Aquatic Plant Tabs, Lily Gro, or Pond Care Aquatic Tablets. Old Foliage and blooms should be removed every 3-4 weeks.

Packing of your plants

Special care has been taken in the packaging, handling and shipping of your plants. Additional wrapping such as bubble wrap is used in shipping the Lotus Tubers. We take pride in shipping only healthy, viable plants. Please notify us within 24 hours of your receipt of any unhealthy or damaged plants. This guarantee excludes all Lotus plants as they are shipped as tubers and are therefore not an established plant. However, all Lotus are shipped as a live, viable tuber and if properly handled, can survive the harshest water conditions. 

How to plant

► Marginal, Shallow Water, and Bog Plants: Should be planted in 1-3 gallon container. Lower to 2-3" water depth after planting.

► Floating Plants: Require no planting. Treat as an annual, except in extremely southern states. Extensive root systems that provide fish with hiding and spawning areas, while providing shade, oxygen, and algae inhibition to pond.

► Submerged Plants: Should be included in all ponds to help maintain clean and pure water. Prevent algae growth by absorbing nutrients that algae needs to survive. Also provides a food source for fish, and adds oxygen to water. May use up to 3 bunches of like plant bunches per 5" container. Do not mix submerged plants in the same container. Completely submerge at least 12"

► Tropical Water Lily: Should be planted in 12"-16" diameter container (3-5 gallon) 6' deep. Plant after water temperature reaches 65-70 degrees. When planting, all mature leaves can be removed to prevent fouling of pond water. Roots should be buried in soil with rhizomes set upright. Tips of rhizomes should not be buried. Lower to 6" water depth, and slowly continue to lower up to 12" deep as plant grows. Prefer sun.

► Hardy Water Lilies: Should be planted in 3-5 gallon container that is 6-8" deep. Plant shallow-hardy water lilies spread up and out - not down. Partial shade/full sun is tolerated by most hybrids. It is recommended that all mature foliage be removed before planting. Lower to water depth of 6" after planting - continue to lower to water depth of 12-18" as plant grows.

► Lotus: Lotus are shipped as tubers - elongated fleshy bodies with a growing point and 1-2 joints These tubers are very fragile and should be handled with EXTREME CARE. A fingernail scratch when planting can provide an opening for bacteria/fungus to grow, causing death to plant Lotus require 15-18" diameter container. Cover tuber with 2" of soil, exposing only the growing tip. Water line should be 3-4" above growing tip. Can be lowered deeper into water as foliage appears.